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Digital Ethiopia Learning (DEL) is a digital skills and literacy initiative designed to deliver digital skill trainings and courses around emerging technologies in IT as part of human skills development aimed to enable citizens use and work with the digital technology tools and services for realizing digital transformation vision of Ethiopia. The program is lead by Digital Transformation Project Office of Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Here at DEL we provide trainings, certifications and prepare trainees for the future of work and life – powered by digitalizations.


A partnership and collaboration effort made between Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MInT) – Ethiopia and different national and international technology companies to support digital skills development and job creation as part of realizing digital economy in Ethiopia.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy transforms the lives of learners, educators and communities through the power of technology, education and career opportunities. Available to anyone, anywhere.


IBM Digital – Nation Africa program will enable students, entrepreneurs, communities and professional with the knowledge and tools to innovate, design, develop, launch their own digital solutions or find jobs.



Our 4Afrika Academy is providing graduates and developers with in-demand digital skills and experience, securing full-time employment for 90% of our participants. 400 interns have been placed with 60 partners across 20 countries. 90% retention rate of interns.


Google Digital Skills for Africa

Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.


Huawei Tech4All

The Earth is made up of 7.5 billion people, but only half the world has access to digital technology. The remainder are still trying to catch up.


Close The Gap

Close the Gap is an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, pre-owned computers donated by European companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.



Ministry of Innovation and Technology to sign MoU with Cisco Systems Inc.

MInT is about to sign an agreement with Cisco Systems for the provision of digital skills trainings for empowering the young.MInT is about to sign an agreement with Cisco Systems for the provision of digital skills trainings for empowering the young.MInT is about to sign

Supporting Public Services in Africa

The Digital Skills for Public Services Employees Initiative is designed to help African governments better respond to the current economic and social challenges caused by the pandemic with high-quality digital foundations training for public services employees in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Regional Action Group for


The world is undergoing a fourth industrial revolution at an unprecedented rate. Ethiopia must proactively embrace it to ensure our communities benefit, and our youth succeed in the new world. We are witnessing a global transformation driven by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of

የድጅታል ኢትዮጵያ ትራንስፎርሜሽን ስትራቴጂ ካሁን ቀደም ካስመዘገብናቸው ስኬቶች የተነሳና ወደፊት ልንደርስባቸው የሚገቡ ትልሞችን ታሳቢ አድርጎ

የኢኖቬሽንና ቴክኖሎጂ ሚኒስቴር መስሪያቤት ሠራተኞች በአገራዊ የድጅታል ትራንስፎርሜሽን ስትራቴጅ ላይ ስልጠና እየተሰጠ ነው። የስትራቴጂ ሰነዱ ይዘት በትኩረት መስኮች፣ የትግበራ ሂደቶች ከሚጠበቁ ውጤቶችና ታሳቢዎች መነሻ ተደርጎ ለሠራተኞች ገለጻ ተደርጓል። ሠልጣኞች የስትራቴጂው መነሻዎች፣ ዝርዝር ይዘቶችና ግልጽነት ለሚያስፈልጋቸው ነጥቦች፣ ቅንጅታዊ አሠራሮችንና ለትግበራ ልንከተለው ስለሚገባ አካሄድ በማንሳት ጥያቄና አስተያየት

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